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  • Our Experience includes engagements in large and mid-size organisations, also government agencies.

    As independent and professional consultants, we are always careful to protect the the identity of our clients and therefore we do not disclose their names unless we have permission to do so.

    A selection of engagements to give an idea of our diverse experience in large and mid-size private sector organisations and also government sector agencies in New Zealand, and includes assignments such as:

    1. Consulted to the Board of an umbrella NGO to identify how to access strategic resources and capabilities of business partners in order to build a sustainable operating and funding structure for its new business model and facilitate development of a transition plan for implementation.
    2. Consulted to the General Manager of one of NZ's largest property trusts to advise on multiple strategic development options it has identified for revenue growth, including how to address the financial impacts, challenges, and future expectations of a changed strategic direction whilst retaining a focus on being a socially responsible organisation.
    3. Contracted to the Regional HR Manager of a New Zealand Government department to perform data analysis on employees' performance management ratings over three years, identify any discrepancies between ratings and remuneration adjustments, and develop summary report for management action. 
    4. Consulted to the Nomination and Remuneration Board Committee of a major NZ Credit Union to develop an optimal organisation design, structure at the senior management level, and performance management framework; advised on transition planning and a roadmap for getting from the 'as-is' to the new organisation design and operating model.
    5. Consulted to the General Manager of a New Zealand Government department to advise on and provide specialist technical input for a review of credit card interchange fees and recommend a new strategic approach for realising financial benefit on donation payments accepted via credit cards.
    6. Consulted to the Board of a major NZ Credit Union to facilitate planning of its future direction and competitive strategy; also to develop their new strategy map and scorecard along-with a strategy execution system for enabling integration into its performance management system.
    7. Consulted to the Chief Executive of a major NZ Credit Union to facilitate its readiness for compliance with all its obligations from new Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) regulations including the risks assessment, the operational programme, designing all processes, developing the compliance plan, completing and delivering a readiness assessment for the Board.
    8. Consulted to NZ's leading professional theatre company to develop and write its business case for investing in a new world-class theatre complex. 
    9. Consulted to the General Manager of a listed Finance Company to facilitate a decision-making process on its growth strategy, future direction options for a sustainable business model, and priorities for implementation. 
    10. Consulted to the Property unit of a major NZ Bank to enhance its purchasing, sourcing, and procurement practices which have an annual spend of $90m.
    11. Consulted to the Chief Executive of an Auckland-based Credit Union to advise on the optimal property location strategy for its' head office and branch operation to support business objectives, competitive strategy, operational needs, and financial resources.
    12. Consulted to the Chief Executive of a major NZ Credit Union to advise on, develop and write their inaugural Human Resources Development Plan in a suitable format and to get Board approval.
    13. Consulted to a New Zealand Government department and facilitated a customised workshop process to identify innovative structural, procedural, and systems-based solutions for enhanced service delivery in line with the organisational vision.  This work required application of various business process improvement and Six Sigma statistical tools.