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  • BLOG - The Importance of a Customer Orientation

    30 July at 17:20 from atlas

    "If we aren't customer-driven, our cars won't be either."  So said a chairman of Ford about the importance of placing customers at the heart of every decision, in fact everything the organisation delivered.  An orientation to satisfying customers is the "be all and end all" for any business that wants to survive and grow in today's ultra-competitive marketplace.  Just as solving a customer problem can often be the driver of a new business opportunity. Seeing products and services through the lens of the customers, attempting to build long-term relationships with customers, and offering better service quality than your competitors are all valid strategies within a customer-driven organisation.  In the Internet-age, where an organisation in one country can be competing with hundreds of others, and often from many countries, an organisation's ability to satisfy its customers through placing customers first in every way, is necessary for both success and survival.  So, having a customer-orientation is another trait of any successful organisation.