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  • BLOG - Strategic Planning Helps Organisations Remain Successful

    11 June at 15:57 from atlas

    For good reason, Strategic Planning is probably the most widely used management tool, coming in at #1 for nine of the past ten years in Bain & Co's international survey of management tools and trends. Through Strategic Planning, questions of importance to an organisation are asked and answered in a systematic way and consideration is made of the whole organisation and how the parts inter-relate.  Although we can't accurately forecast the future, Strategic Planning helps an organisation to deal with uncertainty by considering future situations and options, then developing relevant strategies to better control its own destiny and achieve the most beneficial position.   Strategic Planning is widely used in all types and sizes of organisations; within the private and public sectors, educational, sports, arts and Not-for-Profit Organisations, to name just a few.  The output of Strategic Planning is usually a Strategic Plan which can become a useful communication vehicle for building engagement through the organisation.  So this is the fifth trait of successful organisations - undertaking Strategic Planning to establish a strategic direction which enables the organisation to have better control over its future performance and results.