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Liverpool Street
Epsom, Auckland
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Monday - Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm

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We deliver impact - helping our clients translate advice into success for their organisations or themselves.

We work with New Zealand organisations to influence their future success.

Helping our clients think through strategic challenges or operational problems, get clear about their future direction, find relevant answers and unique solutions, get ready for pursuing new opportunities, enhance operating practices, and close the plan-to-performance gap are some examples of what we are often asked to do.

Using our independence and expertise in consulting for management teams and directors, we advise the leaders of small, mid-size and large organisations who have a range of needs including:

  • Strategic Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Business Planning
  • Organisation Effectiveness
  • Board Process Improvement
  • Group Workshop Facilitation

In workshops, Board meetings, and one-to-one consultations, we will facilitate your project in a professional and effective way so your team can get the most from the workshop or meeting, to achieve the agreed outcome.

We also work with teenagers, using our life experience and hands-on coaching experience, we can help teenagers to realise their potential via:
  • Career Planning
  • Football Player Development


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